Monday, August 31, 2015

Falling For Scallops

Happy Monday, ya'll! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm SUPER excited because we're going home to Houston this coming weekend to see our family and friends! 

I've been starting to pick up fall pieces any time I go shopping even though I'm totally still in summer mode! I got this top at H&M when I was in Germany, and I couldn't wait to wear my booties! I've been wearing this scalloped skirt this summer, but I think it's a great transitional piece as the weather cools down! 

I'm working on a post with the best fall booties - there's so many cute ones to choose from this year!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

summer blues

And guess who wanted to make an appearance since it was #NationalDogDay yesterday! My sweet Paisley girl! 

Watch | Bow Bangle (sold out, similar here) | White Bracelet

I'm backkk! So at the end of July I booked a trip to Germany with my dad, and then my sister-in-law ended up being in Germany at the same time as us! She's traveling the world for the next year or so (I'm totally jealous!), so while we were there I asked her if she would go to Italy with me! She said yes (YAY) so we booked a last minute trip!

Germany was awesome, but Italy has always been on my bucket list. I got a minor in art history, and some of my favorite works I studied just so happened to be in Rome & Florence which where we decided to go! You probably saw my Insta post about almost crying at the Vatican haha! I've got so many pictures to sort through between my trip, our wedding pictures, and new blog posts, so I'm working on getting those all up to share with ya'll!

Anyway, I'm literally obsessed with this new dress!! It is definitely one of my favorite new wardrobe additions! I came home from my trip to this pretty little thing at my doorstep, and I got SO excited!! I know summer is technically ending soon, but I'll definitely be wearing this until it starts snowing haha.

P.S. HAPPY RECRUITMENT WEEK!!! I know some schools don't start recruitment for another few weeks and some of ya'll are already done or in the process. Butttt I would love, love to see your chapter's decorating and outfits! It's my new found hobby (possibly a bit of FOMO).

I've also had a ton of people ask for cute ideas, so SEND ME PICS!!! You can email me or tag me in your Instagram pics, and you'll be featured on Pinterest

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trend Tribe | Join the Tribe

Getting involved in a campus ambassador program is an amazing way to boost your resume, meet some great friends, and make some extra money! 

Trend Tribe is a jewelry company powered by a team of ambassadors called "Trendsetters" who host jewelry trunk shows at college campuses across the country. This is no regular college ambassador program, ya'll. Trend Tribe's mission is to give it's Trendsetters hands-on, real-world experience in fashion and business, by helping them stand out from the competition. As a Trendsetter, you receive hands-on, real-world experience in fashion and business from Trend Tribe CEO & Founder, Samantha Cooper, as well as other industry professionals from companies including Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Saks 5th Ave, and more! 

I think the greatest part is that they work with chapters to create custom jewelry for recruitment, and they give 15% of the sales to your philanthropy! Pretty great, right?!

Trend Tribe is ALWAYS looking for girls to Join The TribeThey're holding interviews now, so head to to submit your application today!

Also, be sure to check out their social media pages to see all their fun jewelry designs!

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