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College Essentials | Ultimate Guide to Planners / Agendas

I'm going full sorority mode for this next College Essentials post, and I'm going to PRO/CON some of the best agendas out there! There's really like a zillion different options, and a lot of them are really great for different people! What works for one high school student or full-time momma may not work for the college girl with the full time job, 15-hour class schedule who's also involved in like 3 organizations and would be completely lost if she didn't write EVERYTHING down (<-- that was totally me, ya'll).

So I made these super cute graphics to give you a better idea of the inside page layouts, the different features and also the price point so you can figure out which works best for your life! 

Jumbo $34 | Large $28 | Medium $22 | Small $17


So this is the planner that I've used for the past like 4 years or so! All around, it's a really great planner. 

PROS | It comes in 4 different sizes and one covered spiral version, which means there's really something that can work for everyone! The weekly views are great for general outline of meetings/assignments. The hard cover + elastic band are a huge plus. If you're constantly on the go, you'll need something that can hold up to you throwing it in your bag, and this one can definitely survive! The stickers are so fun too! As far as bright, colorful, fun planners go, this one definitely takes the cake! 

CONS | If you're looking for something to really map out your entire day and all your to-dos you may find that you don't have enough space with these planners. The spiral doesn't go all the way through, so that is a con if you like the flexibility of a full spiral (like a spiral notebook). Personally, I don't think it makes too much of a difference if you're getting S-L, but I can see where this would be a little bit of a struggle with the jumbo planner!

Jumbo | A lot of people really like the jumbo for school since you've got a lot more room for assignments! The jumbo is the size of a notebook, so it works best for someone who's going be carrying it around in a backpack. 
Large | I've always had the large! I think it's the perfect size - I can throw it in my backpack or purse so I always have it with me. 
Small | The small is really way too small in my opinion, unless you want something super light weight to throw in your purse. I always write really, really big so the small is the least practical for me!

Price Point: $$ - $$$


PROS | I love the Kate Spade Agenda. It's very comparable to the Lilly Pulitzer Planner, but with more a clean, simplistic design! I love the gold polka dot one! It comes in Medium & Large (The Large is almost the exact same size as Lilly's Large). There's cute quotes on the month pages, and it also has the laminated tabs, the inside pocket page and the hard cover + elastic band like Lilly's! Like I said, these 2 brands are very similar with the features, so between the two, it really will come down to what design you like better!

CONS | It's a little more expensive than Lilly, and there's only 2 sizes to choose from (although the Large is perfect in my opinion)! If you love fun, colorful planners, this one is going to be a little more plain since all the interior pages keep it simple with black & white.

Price Point: $$$


I used this planner last year for work! This planner now comes in 2 different weekly layouts: horizontal and vertical. You can customize your cover which is a huge selling point for a lot of people! 

PROS | The cover is customizable and you can even change them out to switch things up a little bit. The 2 different layouts make this perfect for someone who likes to write our their day by morning/afternoon/evening as well as someone who just wants one space to write down appointments or meetings. I love the motivational quotes inside too! They also offer a lesson planner for teachers, customized notebooks, and a ton of accessories like blank/appointment/event stickers and a snap in to do lists or meal planners to mark your week (for an extra cost). Here's a $10 off coupon! (Major Pro!)

CONS | With a $50+ price tag, this planner is a little on the pricey side, but considering how much versatility it has to make it fit your life, it's worth it! Again, if you're looking for something to really map out your entire day and all your to-dos, I don't think this one has a ton of space for that for the price. 

Price Point: $$$$ (Click here for $10 off!)


I had way, way too much fun designing the cover for my Maybook. I got it narrowed down to 5 or so designs, and I pretty much just had to flip a coin because I wanted them all. I ended up getting some of the other designs as regular notebooks, which is perfect since I usually carry around a notebook with my planner! I use this agenda as our household planner. It's a great size to keep on our kitchen counter and write down bill due dates, doctor's appointments, and travel dates.

PROS | Well obviously the fact that they have a million different cute combinations and endless possibilities for the cover is a huge pro. Another major pro? It's by far the lightest option of all of these, which might not seem like a big deal, but when you carrying it around all day it makes a huge difference! At $23, this is a super affordable planner! 

CONS | There's a limited amount of space since it's a smaller size, but it really works well for appointments and organizing important dates! The only real con for me is that there's no tabs so flipping to another month takes a little longer. This planner doesn't have hard cover or pockets, so no extra room for any papers!

Price Point: $$ 
TIP: Sign up for their email, and get 20% off your first purchase!


PROS | This is hands down the best planner for busy students! I would have LOVED to have this while I was still in school! I love that it helps you tracking your assignments that need to be done, due dates, and when you should start studying for tests. The weekend page also has a "Final Four" checklist for homework, laundry, email, and nap time which is so nice for college students!!


CONS | The cover is a high gloss card stock, so it's not very sturdy. Since this is such a thick planner (there's a page for each weekday), it would be great to have a more durable planner! They're always taking comments on how to improve, so I think this planner will greatly improve in the years to come!

Price Point: $$$  

Also Here


PROS | This is easily my new favorite planner! You will fall. in. love. with the layout. It's perfectly for pretty much everyone! The prints are bring and fun, and there are so many extras on the inside that I have not found with other planners. For the daily planners, there's a 6am-9pm schedule to fill with meetings and appointments along with another columns for to dos (my fav part!), a section for notes, and meal planning. It has everything you could dream of. Also has laminated tabs & reinforced corners so they don't get bent!

CONS | These sell out FAST! Finding one is very tricky hence why I gave you so many links! They're all sold out on her website, but it look like there are more being released September 9th if you can wait that long! The Daily Planner is amazinggg for you super busy girls, but out of all the planners I've reviewed, this Daily Planner is by far the heaviest (I mean it does have 360+ pages..). There's also no elastic band, but no biggie.

The biggest con is the big price tag that comes with this planner. $58 is a lot for a planner! I finally found one the other day and was so torn. I ended up not buying it since I have a few others that would overlap with it. Once those end, and I might make the splurge and get this one!

Price Point:  $$$$$


PROS | This is my FAVORITE! They just came out with a line a Target this year, and they're just as wonderful as the regular line! I picked up a few and brought them home to play and see which one I liked best. There's multiple weekly/daily layouts to choose from and so many different sizes! 

CONS | Ugh, I honestly can't even think of any cons - that's how in love with this planner I am! It doesn't have a pocket or elastic band, but I can totally live without them! 

Price Point: $-$$

SOME MORE AWESOME PLANNERS: | Really fun designs on the inside! Comes in jumbo like Lilly! Hard cover + elastic band.
Vera Bradley | Cute prints!

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*Thanks to MayDesigns & The Collegiate Daybook for sponsoring this post! All opinions are honest, and my own! 

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