Friday, June 19, 2015

Top 5 Must Haves | June

TGIF. This is been a super long week, and I'm soo glad it's finally Friday! Time for another top 5 must haves! 

Dress | Shoes [on SALE!] | Crossbody Bag | Earrings

one | This dress!! I had such a rough day at work on Tuesday, so I got some starbucks and hit the mall. I ended up buying this adorable dress I've had my eye on! It's soo cute in person, and it's on sale for $42! Definitely made my day a little brighter :)

two | I got this book "Dirty Rush" by Taylor Bell in the mail a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to take it to the pool with me! It's so funny! Taylor is a five-generation legacy to one sorority but thinks greek life is definitely not for her until she ends up meeting a lot of the girls from the sorority at a party. I can't really summarize the rest without giving it away, but it's definitely got an "OMG, what!?" story line! Since I went to a pretty conservative school, a lot of things that happened in this book were definitely not something that I ever experienced, but it was a fun read! [To anyone not in greek life that reads this, just know that this is not how greek life is at every school!!]

three | The new Lilly Pulitzer agendas are officially here!! Even though I still have one from last year that goes until this December, the new prints always make me want a new one!! I love that the make them in so many different sizes. They're awesome for both school & big girl world! I still use mine and love it. [I have tried a lot of other brands, so I'm thinking about doing a breakdown on the pro/cons of each brand! Look for that soon!]

So this year they come in Small, Medium, Large [my fav], Large Covered [new style], & Jumbo. The large comes in the most prints, and it's definitely the one that I would recommend overall! The jumbo is great if you write really, really big, or carry around a backpack for school since it's the same size as a regular notebook!

four | POOL. FLOATIES. I'm like so completely obsessed with these right now. I really want all of them even though I know that would be a little cray since I don't even have a pool. Aren't they so cute!? I definitely want the donut one, for sure, but the swan and pizza are soo cute too! Which one's your fav?


five | Two more weeks until the 4th of July (aka start breaking out everything in your closet that's red, white & blue!). I'm going to start looking for the perfect outfit this weekend! This is what I've been looking at so far!

Happy Friday, ya'll! 

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