Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monograms & Mimosas | Bridal Shower

Hello, hello! I am now a WIFEY! Life has been so crazy, and it's been non stop celebrating since April! I had my bachelorette party in Vegas (SO fun!), bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, WEDDING DAY, and honeymoon! It's been one busy girl lately, but I could not be happier!

I should get to see my wedding pictures some time soon, and I can't wait to post those! Until then, let's start with the bridal luncheon my momma and maid of honor threw. The theme was Monograms & Mimosas - how cute is that?! And fitting, of course. If you know me, you know I might have a tiny bit of an obsession with monograms. And mimosas. ;)

my cupcake melted in the sun before I could get a good picture! Womp!

love this picture! 

 we played a game where you couldn't  say any words that were wedding related (ex: bride, groom, wedding, rehearsal, etc) or you lost your big diamond ring! Way harder than you think when you're about to get married the next day haha!

The gold foil balloons were adorable!

 My precious little / maid of honor! She's THE BEST! 

Monograms & Mimosas!

 And here's my handsome husband at our rehearsal!

And of course I took an outfit pic for ya'll! This dress is so amazing, and I got tons of compliments! The stock has been really up & down, so if they don't have your size, keep checking back! 

P.S. It's almost Memorial Day weekend aka all the best stores are having huge sales! I'm putting together a list for ya'll tonight along with my top picks! There's some really good ones!


  1. Best wishes! What a lovely shower!

  2. What a fun shower- I love those striped straws!
    This Side of Paradise

  3. These photos are brilliant. It was one of the best showers I have ever attended. Recently my cousin got married at some domestic NYC wedding venues and her mom had thrown a gorgeous rooftop bridal shower dinner. All the d├ęcor in her party was just brilliant.


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