Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lilly For Target | Your Guide to Shopping the Collection

T-MINUS 4 DAYS until Lilly For Target launches! I've been pretty excited about this launch! But whenever there's Lilly (or should I say Lilly fanatics), there's usually chaos. Here's my guide shopping the Lilly for Target collection and my top picks!

Don't. Freak. Out. | If any of ya'll are like me, you hear the words limited time or sale or lilly for really, really cheap and you kind of freak out. Fortunately for us, they released an online lookbook so that people like us can scope things out before hand instead of going crazy and buying the entire store on April 19th.

Here's my opinion on this whole dealio. I love Lilly. I will usually splurge on a couple of Lilly dresses, which are definitely worth it, but I don't always love paying a lot for certain things that I know I won't wear/use a ton or that I might not use a year from now. For me, these items are things like a phone case (I always seem to destroy my cases anyway), swimsuits, a weekend bag, trendy jewelry, a beach towel, or makeup bags which is why these are some of my top picks for the Lilly For Target Collection! What better time to pay $20-$50 for these things!!

As for the clothes, I have my eye on one dress and a pair of shorts in particular! The clothes are really well priced, but I'm not expecting the quality to be like regular Lilly. It's cheaper, so therefore I don't think that it will not be as well made as their regular clothes, so I say, unless there's a print you really love, don't overdo it just because it's Lilly!

Not Everything Will Be In Stores | If you've done your thorough research of their online lookbook, you've probably noticed that some things are only going to be available online (WOMP). That could be good or bad. If all the things you want are in stores and you can go relatively early on Sunday, I'd say that's your best bet! I always like to see things in person before buying, and although I expect the sizing to be the same, I really have no clue!

Create an Account If You're Shopping Online | Sooo if you're like me and one of your must-haves is online, I'd suggest creating a target account! Like I said, where there's cheap Lilly, there's usually chaos haha. Create an account so you don't have to waste time entering shipping/billing info!

Check Out Multiple Times | Just in case this is similar to the online sales, you'll want to checkout ASAP and/or multiple times if there's something that you're just dying to have! It's supposed to launch between midnight and 2am on April 19th, so if you're really dead set, you might want to set that alarm and pour yourself a cup of coffee for some middle of the night shopping!

*Sorority Tip: They have a ton of stuff that would be perfect for your future little or for family gifts! Never too early to start gathering stuff! 

These are my favorites from the whole collection! The starfish sandals are online only, but they do have pineapple ones that will be in stores! This entire outfit is only $130. STEAL.

Top: $32 Shorts: $24 Clutch: $24 Bracelet: $20 Sandals: $30

This is definitely my favorite print of the collection! Too bad it's online only! Who doesn't need a pair of gold wedges to throw on to dress up an outfit, especially for $30! I definitely need these glasses too - they're bright and fun without being overdone! They're perfect for college!

Dress: $38 (Online Only) Bracelet: $20 Wedges: $36 (online only) Bar Glasses: $25

One thing I actually don't own from Lilly? A swimsuit! I've almost snagged one at a sale, but it was sold out before I could buy it. This is the perfect time to add a little color to your swimsuit collection!

Swimsuit $48 Cover Up: $30 Sandals: $30 Bangle: $20 (online only) Phone Case: $20 Makeup Case: $22

 My must haves? This weekender bag and this dress! If I only get these two things, I think I will be satisfied! The scarves are all $20 and they have a ton of cute prints! If you've been wanting a scarf, this is the perfect opportunity! 

Dress: $38 (online only) Weekender Bag: $50 Scarf: $20 Seahorse Necklace: $24 Hairties: $5

$25 Beach Towel? So worth it. 

Dress: $38 (online only) Beach Towel: $25 Wine Toppers + Corkscrew: $20

What are ya'lls must-haves?? I can't wait to see what everyone gets!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: New Orleans Bachelorette Party

Hello, hello!! I have been insanely busy with wedding stuff! Here's my weekend recap from my bestie's bachelorette party in New Orleans! It was definitely one for the books!

 Shop My Outfit

And how adorable is this pink leopard dress!? Being girls, of course we all borrowed each others clothes when we couldn't decide what to wear for the day! This dress looked so cute on the bride-to-be, and it is only $16!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Make Room In Your Closet | Kendra Scott SALE

My favorite jewelry ever is ON SALE!! Kendra Scott is doing a Easter egg hunt online until midnight tonight! Lucky for you, I've rounded up all the codes for ya'll!


10% off Your Purchase with code DECORATE
15% off Your Purchase with code SPRINGTIME
15% off One Full Price Item with code COLORFUL
20% off One Full Price Item with code JELLYBEAN
Buy one get one 50% off Full Price Items with code BONNETS
Free Ground Shipping with code FLOWERS

15% off Color Bar Purchases with code CARROT
25% off Everything Mint Colored with code EGGSHELL
30% off Harlow Necklaces with code MARSHMALLOW
30% off Wristlets with code EASTERBUNNY
30% off Jewelry Organizers with code COTTONTAIL
30% off Corley Earrings with code HATCH
$50 off Kaki Earrings with code CANDYEGG
30% off Key Chains & Cufflinks with code BUNNIES
Buy 3 Charms, Get the 4th Free with code PEEPS

40% off One Sale Items with code BASKETS
50% off One Sale Items with code CONFETTI
Buy one get one 50% sale items with code SWEET



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