Friday, January 23, 2015

all things pink

I've definitely always loved the color pink, but recently I've become a little more obsessed. It's valentine's day, so it's the perfect season to get my pink-fix on! 

It all started when I saw the perfect hot pink Kate Spade bag at Nordstrom Rack recently. I wanted to buy it soo bad - I'm honestly surprised I had enough willpower to turn it down. Since then, I've added a million pink things to my wish list. I love the light pink color for the winter/spring transition! I think it works well for all seasons. The hot pink makes me think of summer, which I cannot wait for!!

What are your favorite pink things?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New You | FREE Printable Fitness Tracker

Hello, hello! So it's been 7 days since the start of 2015. Who else has already skipped a day or strayed from their plan? My goal was to workout at least 5 days a week and plan out dinners for this week. Guess what? I skipped the gym yesterday, and we ate out twice this week haha! Things are not going as I planned - or lack there of. I'm a super visual person, so writing things down always helps a ton.

I've created this weekly plan so I can plan out my workouts and meals for each week. I'd love to hear some of your favorite workout routines or healthy meals! I can always use new ideas. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New You | Setting Goals & Sticking to Them

So excited to have the gorgeous Logan Lester sharing her tips on health, fitness and setting realistic goals for 2015! Logan goes to Texas A&M (where I went - whoop!). I've followed her instagram account for awhile now, and I love how motivating and encouraging she is - plus seeing all her cute outfits doesn't hurt either! She really is an awesome inspiration and role model.

Its that time of year again where most of us take time to reflect on our lives. The “New Year” is here, and I have one thing on my mind, goal setting. 2015 means new year, new goals, new dreams, and new ways to inspire myself to get to where I want to be. Did you set a new years resolution last January? Setting goals gives me a long-term vision and a short term motivation. It forces my acquisition of knowledge, and helps me to organize my time and my resources so that I can make the most out of my day. Setting goals and keeping goals are two different things. It is important to choose your goals carefully so your changes will stick. Why is it that New Years resolutions are typically abandoned? Lets take a look at a few ways that you can set goals and stick with them. You owe it to yourself to get on a path that will you help navigate your goals and make your dreams come true. 

Create Your “Big Picture”.

This first step is all about choosing what you want for your resolution and for the right reasons. This should be a time of deep reflection. Maybe you already know what you want or maybe you need to go on a walk by yourself to discover what you truly want to make happen this next year. 

Create a Plan.

You need to decide if you are truly willing to make your resolution a reality. This is where I bust out the paper and pen. I personally like to divide my “big picture” into short term and long-term goals. The short-term goals should be the smaller steps that make your long-term goals more attainable. During this process you need to prioritize your goals and also set deadlines. Establish a higher level of commitment and focus that pushes you toward you end result.


It is very important to tell your friends, family, co-workers, whoever is in your inner circle, about your goals. Otherwise, who is going to keep you accountable? Letting other people know what you are trying to achieve will push you to make strides every day towards your goals. It will also motivate you to keep going on days you’d rather not. 

Reward Yourself For Progress.

I am ALL about this. It is so important to be your own cheerleader. Sometime, all we have is ourselves. You can’t always rely on your inner circle to motivate you, keep you accountable, or remind you of your vision. That’s why I think it is a great idea to reward your self for the small steps of progress along your goal journey. Be proud of your accomplishments. At the end of the day or week, take a look at what you have achieved and throw yourself a party!!!!!!

When you feel like quitting think about why you started.

This is SO important. I think we all tend to lose sight of our intentions during this process. It is beneficial to reevaluate and re-motivate your goals along the way, but try to remind yourself why you began in the first place. What prompted you to start this journey in the first place? If you feel that you are losing sight of this or your goals are headed wayside, try to go back to the place it all began. Tap into those feelings of inspiration and empower yourself to KEEP on going. You will only regret the steps you didn’t take towards your end result. 

Logan Lester

"Every time I want to quit, I try to remember how awesome I will feel when I push through that tough workout. I was always taught that nothing worth having comes easy. If you want something, YOU have to go get it and earn it. So keep on going when you want to quit."

Friday, January 2, 2015

Top Five Must Haves | January

Hello lovelies! Happy New Year! Here's my top five must haves for January!

one | List of goals for 2015! Make one! It's the best way for you to sit back and think about what you want to accomplish this year. Maybe it's taking up a new hobby, getting in shape, starting a business, or landing your dream job. I always try to come up with 5 big goals and then list out the steps that will get me there! For example, one of my goals is to eat healthier. I now have to eat gluten free and dairy free, so I've been pinning recipes like crazy and working on coming up with a weekly meal plan that will make it easier for me to stick to the diet. 

two | Planner / Calendar for 2015. Get one and get planning. I'm definitely a visual person, so writing things out in a planner is crucial for me. Right now, I use my Lilly Pulitzer Planner for every day, but some of my other favorites are Kate Spade and Erin Condren.

(C) Getty Images
three | Victoria's Secret SEMI ANNUAL SALE! It starts today - eek! It's the best. I always try to wait for it to buy anything that I need (plus, things that I probably don't need..). Why pay $50 when you could pay like $20! 

four | Taylor Swift's 1989 CD. I finally got it for Christmas, and it's been on repeat! And then I found this mashup of two of the songs, and oh my goshh. I can't stop listening to it. It's seriously amazing.

five | Jane & Bleecker Pajamas. How cute is the print?! They sent me a few pairs of the Holidays, and I was really impressed by how well they fit (I hate when PJ pants are really long in the crotch) and all of the fun prints. You can buy them at Nordstrom which is awesome because you'll be able to see the prints and try them on in person before ordering! 

 leggings c/o | tank c/o | sweater (Zara, similar here and here)

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