Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Big/Little Gift Giving: Tips to Spoil Your Little on a Budget

First of all, how stinkin' cute is this big / little family picture!? LOVE those shirts! It feels like yesterday when I got my two perfect littles! 

Big / little reveal is probably coming up soon, which means your about to spend an all-nighter covered in glitter with your fingers wishing hot glue guns didn't exist (I think my finger tips have lost all feeling by this point in my life). But your little getting showered in gifts is so worth it, right? Getting your little is one of the most exciting parts of being in a sorority, and it can also be one of the most expensive parts.

I've put together a little guide to help you survive big/little week without breaking the bank!

Think Like a Bargain Shopper! | This really is the key to it all. Think like a bargain shopper. Before you go out an buy all your supplies, check for coupons or specials the store might be having. Crafting stores like Hobby Lobby & Michael's always have coupons you can show on your phone at checkout (sign up to get their emails, and they'll send you the coupons)! This will save you half the cost of any crafting supplies. 

TJ Maxx & Marshalls have really awesome things. Look for things like a fleece blanket in your colors (you can always monogram/ embroider letters!), a cute throw pillow, a phone case, cup or a few notepads to add into the basket. These might not show off your sorority letters, but I promise, these will be things they will actually use the most! I've seen Lilly Pulitzer phone cases or notebooks there several times! 

Target's dollar store is one my favorite places to pick up a few cute things. They alway's have the cutest notepads and office supplies! Every time I go to Target, I stop by the dollar section.. it's really a problem haha.

Make Things Yourself |  Crafting. It the biggest money saver. Even if you think you're "not good at crafting," I promise you can do it! There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and tutorials on how to make things a lot easier. Hobby Lobby / Michael's have a ton of unfinished wooden things and canvases. Make sure to use a coupon! 

Canvases are a great basket filler, and you can print off and trace any design or quote! Paint pins really are key, especially if you're "not good at crafting." Grab some wooden letters and make your little some greek letters she can decorate her room with. Pick up a little wooden box to make a badge box. Make her a fleece tie blanket in your sororities colors. The possibilities are endless! 

Pass Down Some Shirts | We all know your tshirt drawer is probably over flowing anyway.. why not give a few cute shirts to your new little! I know the first thing I wanted to do after I joined was buy a million shirts to build up my collection! Ask your big/grandbig/greatgrandbig or girls who are graduating too - senior I know I had piles of shirts and other sorority gear I would have gladly given away or sold for really cheap!

Presentation Is Key | Presentation really is key! You could get your little a few really nice, small items, but your basket isn't going to feel quite as glorious amongst the others. You can do one nicer gift, and save some of the really nice ideas for other occasions like Christmas or her birthday when it will mean more. You've seen the baskets on pinterest that look like they are just overflowing with goodies. Adding a few big filler items to your basket will really help you achieve that look. Think a couple of larger canvas, a blanket or pillow, and then fill it up with the smaller, less expensive items.

The basket you put it in really makes a difference too! You can find a bunch of cute, cheap ones. Don't be afraid to step out of the box too.  I've seen people put all the goodies in a hand painted cooler (which is a great gift in itself) or bright colored storage pins. Have a plain looking basket? Add a bow, and voila!

Be sure to check out my big/little and crafting Pinterest boards for tons of ideas!

Congrats to everyone getting littles and adding on to their families! This really is such a fun part of being greek! I would love to see the basket you made for your little!! Send in pictures to, and your masterpiece could end up on Pinterest! :)


  1. These bracelets are my absolute favorite gift to give- so many colors! My Little wears hers every day. You must go look:

    Love them! :)

  2. Oh those are soo cute!! I'm a sucker for anything with a bow on it. Thanks for sharing!


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