Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Recap: Here's to 24!

This birthday was the first one I've ever spent without any family or my girl friends since we're currently living in Minneapolis, and I was nervous for how I was going to feel! My ya'll, I have the sweetest fiancé. He made me a cookie cake (gluten free since I can't have real cake!), decorated the apartment all by himself, got me literally everything on my birthday wish list, and then took me out to one of our favorite restaurants! I am so blessed to have him - he made my birthday just as special as all the other ones.

And now another year in the book - I'm 24! I've learned and grown so much in the past year, and it is crazy to think back to my 23rd birthday! In the past year I graduated college, got engaged, and then moved halfway across the country with best friend/ fiancé. It has been the most exciting and most challenging year for me so far. 24 will bring getting married, growing up and continuing chasing dreams!

He made me stare at this stack of presents all week without letting me open them! It's really hard to look at all of your favorite brands and not be able to look at anything!

Look how cute his decorations are! (Don't mind the sink full of dishes.. :/)

Finally got the Kendra Scott neon pink that I've been eyeing all summer! My momma knows me too well :)

These Tory Riding boots are just beyond perfect. SO excited to finally have a black pair of Tory riding boots!

I lucked out that Tory had a labor day weekend sale right before my birthday! I lucked out and got a few extra goodies :)

And slightly out of necessity, I got these LLBean boots that I'm so excited to wear!! Hopefully these will keep me warm up here..

And look how presh this cake he made is! He knows me too well haha.

All and all, I would say it was a pretty great day :)

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