Sunday, July 20, 2014

Make Room in Your Closet | Krass & Co. Shorts

Krass & Co has the cutest athletic shorts! They have become quite the staple in my casual wardrobe since I strated college, and I am always so excited to find cute new pairs! I love Krass & Co shorts because of the patterned side panels. You can throw these on with anything, and it adds such a cute extra touch.

I came home to this package of goodies from them and was SO excited! I got them just in time to wear them for fourth of July, and I got so many compliments! Who doesn't need a little more red, white, & blue? Check them out here!

Here are some of my other favorites on my wish list! 


I spent my fourth of July with Lilly, Krass & Co, and a drink in hand. Have to say it was a pretty perfect day!

What's on your Krass & Co wish list?

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