Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LIVING THE GREEK LIFE: Tips for a Successful Recruitment

Recruitment is upon us and it's time to start preparing! Here's some tips to have the best recruitment possible :)

Start Planning Now. Or actually 3 months ago. The further in advance you start planning, the less you’ll want to yank your hair out as it gets closer to recruitment! Make sure you have all your vendors for tables/chairs/flowers/whatever else your chapter uses. Get quotes from several different companies to make sure you make the most out of your recruitment budget, and book everything as soon as possible! Set a timeline for when you need to have certain things done. Recruitment is a huge event, and it’s easy for things to slip your mind!

Delegate tasks to people.  One thing I really struggled with in all of my officer positions was allowing people to help me. I’m kind of a type A perfectionist, so I usually didn’t trust anyone to get the job done right and on time, so I always let my to do list build up until the point where I was stressed beyond belief! I learned that it’s okay to let people help you though! Make sure you assign specific tasks and give them a deadline to have it back to you by – that saves you from having to keep bugging them about finishing the task and looking like a control freak.

Advertise. This might seem silly, right? You’re a sorority not a business, so why would you need to advertise? As soon as girls decide they’re going to go through recruitment, they’re going to do two things – ask people what each chapter on campus is like AND stalk your chapter online. What you put out there is what the girls are going to see. That means that everything that you have out there from your chapter website, facebook page, blog or twitter page is a direct reflection of your chapter. If you’re website is dull and lacking information or pictures, you probably aren’t giving them a very accurate image. Update your website and social media pages – give them information about what makes your chapter unique, what your chapter is most proud of, and include pictures that go along with those things.
During the weeks leading up to recruitment, have everyone change their facebook cover photo or profile picture to something that shows how proud you are to be in XYZ sorority and your chapter’s personality. My chapter always did cute graphics (that I made J) that were really fun – we did everything from cute chevron banners to funny quotes from movies! Girls going through recruitment will see these, and it’s a great easy way to show them that you really are the best sorority on campus.
*I do custom graphics for sororities! You can find more information on my Etsy shop*

Show off what makes you unique. If you’re chapter’s really passionate about your philanthropy, find a unique way to show that to them! Tell them your personal stories. Give them visuals. Most people will remember something visual rather than something someone said. Have pictures of you volunteering or pictures that show how strong your sisterhood is, and then talk about them! They will make great conversation starters and often lead to the best, most real conversations. 

Be Real. I cannot stress that enough. Recruitment is a big, scary process at a lot of schools, and there’s usually a lot of pressure on your chapter to be the best, and get the best  and smartest girls, and have the best recruitment, and the best bid day, and the best new pledge class in the whole world. Don’t get caught up in the pressure and forget to just be yourselves. Coach your girls on how to stray away from those typical “where’d you grow up” “what’s your major” conversations, and have real, genuine conversations! These are what the girls will remember most at the end of the day when they’re making their decisions.
Also remember, that while you do want to be the absolute best, you don’t want to pretend you’re something you’re not. Be upfront with the pnms. If they ask how many volunteer hours your chapter does a year, if you go to church together, or if your chapter has a lot of girls that like to go out and party, etc - don’t give them false information. These can be tricky subjects to talk about, but you want that girl to like your chapter for what it really is – the good and the bad. Remember that you want to find girls that will fit in in your chapter and be happy!

Have fun and be encouraging! Recruitment is a stressful week. You will most likely yell/scream at people and the chapter multiple times during the week, but be sure to remind them that all of their hard will work will pay off when you finally get your perfect new pledge class! Find a way to keep everyone focused and excited! Reward the people that keep positive attitudes or are giving a ton of effort! J

Current or past recruitment chairs – if there’s any tips or tricks that were really effective for you, feel free to post them! We’d love to hear!

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