Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello loves!
It's been awhile, hasn't it! I had such a busy semester in the fall that I didn't have any time at all to work on the blog! But exciting news! I'm now a college graduate, I have a big girl job, anddd I'm engaged!! I'm so so excited and can't wait to share all the fun wedding planning with ya'll!

I want to give ya'll a huge thank you to everyone who follows me on pinterest and reads the blog! Almost 45,000 followers! That is crazy! I love ya'll!

Here's to 2014!

Photo: Jbrazeal


  1. Glad you're back to blogging. Congrats on the engagement!


  2. Love your blog, hope you keep posting!

  3. I enjoy your blog and think it is very exciting about your engagement. Thought you might find these unique monogrammed gifts perfect for your sorority sisters and wedding gifts as well.

  4. Congrats.. have a great life ahead.. you are full of joy and friendly kind of girl.. Your blogs are also quite interesting. Keep updating. Girls one more blog will be helpful to you to save a relationship.


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