Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Living the Greek Life

Hello! I made this cute new graphic to use on all my posts that have to do with greek life (which I promise I'll start writing more often!). I always used to try to find ideas on socials/philanthropy/bid day stuff, I find myself searching through discussion boards and not really finding what I need! So I'm here to save the day.

Before I start, I figured you should know a little about me. You know that phrase, "Stop me before I volunteer again?" That would basically describe me. I've been in my sorority for 3 years now, and I've literally held about 10+ different positions including banner chair, webmaster, recruitment positions, new member positions, and Vice President of Programs (which oversaw all the officers and  all activities within the chapter). And I am now currently serving as Vice President of Public Relations for our Panhellenic Council, so I have a pretty thorough knowledge of every aspect of Sorority life.

I'm so excited to start sharing ideas, ways to improve your chapter, and quality advice on things that is pretty hard to find anywhere else! I look forward to hearing what YOU want to know! You can always leave me a comment here or email me at

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