Monday, May 6, 2013

Monogram Madness

If you didn't already know about Etsy, it's this super awesome site where you can find all kinds of stuff - including everything you could ever image monogrammed for really great prices! Here are a few things on my monogram wish list!

1 | Monogrammed Bandaeu Top

2 | Envelope Clutch

3 | Monogrammed iPhone Charger

4 | Monogrammed Mason Jar Tumbler

What are ya'lls favorite finds on etsy?


  1. Etsy has a wonderful selection of items that are monogrammed! And they usually aren't too pricy either, which is always a bonus!


  2. I love CuttinCrazy on Etsy.
    They make super cute vinyl monograms.
    I wrote an article similar to this.
    Guess us Southern girls just love monograms!:)

    Keep it Classy and Sassy


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